2017 Asian Motorboat Open – Danjiangkou, China Competition Rules

2017-06-23 16:14中国摩托艇协会

1. Event class: 4-star of CMA certification

2. Date: August 8-11, 2017

3. Location: Danjiangkou, Hubei Province, China

4. Categories:

1)Class Open

a)P750 S Inflatable Class

b)Runabout Class Open (RO)

c)Ski Class Open (JO)


2)Class Pro (Only for Chinese drivers)

3)Class Amateur/Novice (Only for Chinese drivers)

5. Qualification

1) Riders shall register as a valid member of a national authority, association or club.

a) Except for Chinese mainland riders, all other riders shall register through their local national authority, association or club related with aquabike. International riders can only register for Class Open.

b) Riders from mainland China shall hold valid driving licenses issued by CMA, and register through the association or club indicated on the licenses. Riders without driving licenses can apply to CMA for “single-event” licenses on site at the price of 300 RMB/person.

c) Riders from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan can only register for Class Open. The procedure adopts Olympic model.

2) Riders shall be physically healthy, with no diseases that may influence their safe participation in the race, including heart diseases, epilepsy, visual or auditory disorders, etc. And riders shall have the ability to swim continuously for at least 200 meters.

3) When registering, riders under 18 years old shall provide a written permission from his/her guardian, stating that he/she is willing to take full unforeseen risks during the race.

4) Riders shall have insurances of no lower than 500,000 RMB for personal accident and medical insurance, covering the whole event period.

6. Enrollment

1) Each teams may register team managers, coaches, mechanic and crew with drivers. And driver to non-driver ratio is 3:2, or 1:1 maximum.

2) Freestyle: Maximum 3 drivers per team

3) Circuit: Maximum 2 drivers per team for each category.

4) Entries shall be in accordance with “Aquabike Sports Riders Classification” published by Chinese Motorboat Association. All drivers fulfilling the above qualification can register for races of Class Open.

5) Watercraft homologation shall be in accordance with “Racing Equipment Classification” published by Chinese Motorboat Association. Watercraft homologation of Class Open shall be in accordance with UIM Aquabike Racing Rules.

6) Race watercrafts shall be prepared by riders. All drivers cannot share watercrafts or engines; for Hydro-fly (RF), 2 racers can share 1 set of equipment.

7) Riders must wear personal safety equipment to race, including helmet, armor, legguard, life jacket, wetsuit, etc. All personal equipment must be checked and approved by referee committee; otherwise, riders may be disqualified.

8) Race numbers shall be printed on watercrafts by riders. The numbers shall be black on white background with the minimum size of 40cm*30cm. Riders shall confirm their numbers with the organizing committee when registration, and the committee has the right to alter riders’ numbers if necessary.

9) The organizing committee will be responsible for local transportation, accommodation & catering service for registered participants, as well as Octane 97 Gasoline. Watercraft load/unload service will be provided to the registered teams. International transportation outside of the race city, logistic fees and other relevant fees are on team’s own responsibility. Unregistered personnel shall cover their own expenses, and may book the event hotel and catering service via the organizing committee.

10) All teams and riders shall estimate the race risks themselves and join the race with his/her own free will. Once registered for the race, he/she agrees to obey the race rules and will take his/her own responsibility of the risks in the race. Riders need to sign a disclaimer declaration before the race. All riders are suggested to have insurance for their equipments.

7. Race Code

1) The race of Class Open adopts UIM Aquabike Rules. The organizing committee reserves the right of amendment and interpretation of the race instruction and regulation.

2) Hydro-fly: Heat and Final round. Heat round will eliminate top 6 racers to race in Final round. Total score of Heat and Final round will decide result.

3) Circuit: quay start (runabout: start with engine on; ski: start with engine off). According to the amounts of registered riders, there might be more than one group in the pole position. The top 18 drivers from pole position will participate in the heats. The pole position starting grid is decided by draw lots; and then the heat result decides the starting order of the following heat.

The race consists of 3 heats. Completed laps and time determine the result, and riders accumulate points by result ranking. Riders fail to finish 2/3 of the race earn no score. Total score determines the final rank. If there is a dead heat, the best heat result shall determine; if there is still a dead heat, last heat result shall determine.

4) P750S refers to UIM Circuit Rules in still water. Racers will race in groups with no more than 12 boats per group. The race consists of preliminary and final. There are 4 heats in the preliminary, and the top 12 boats will participate the final. The total ranking and score is an accumulation of the preliminary and the final, and the score of the final will be double counted.

5) The race mainly employs Electronic Timing System (ETS), and manual timing as back up.

6) Riders subject to dangerous driving or causing serious safety problem during the race, might be disqualified by the Race Committee.

7) Race Committee reserves the right to shorten, change or cancel the race period according to circumstances.

8. Race Committee

1) Jury: Members are appointed by CMA, binding by “Regulations of The Jury Committee”.

2) Referee committee: Race director and main referees are appointed by CMA, and underrepresentation would be supplemented by organizer.

3) Protest judge: appointed by CMA.

9. Ranking and Awards

1) Top 3 riders of each category will be awarded with trophies, and top 8 are awarded with credentials.

2) Total cash bonus: RMB1300,000 (GROSS).

3) Cash Bonus is awarded according to registrations of each category: top 8 cash awards available in no less than 12 entries; top 6 cash awards available for 8 to 11 entries; top 4 cash awards available for less than 8 entries.

4) Tax: 20% of the total bonus will be deducted as the tax before awarding to the drivers.

10. Registration

1) Duration of registration: 25th June - 24th July, 2017.

2) Procedure and contact:

a) Log in www.motorboat.cn, and register via “registration for 2017 Asian Motorboat Open - Danjiangkou China”.

b) Contact of CMA: Jessica Zhang

Tel: 186 1296 4865 Email: cnmotorboat@126.com Fax: 0086-10-67112793

c) Logistics:

11. Timetable

Note: The agenda might be adjusted.

12. The race committee will publish detailed regulations; and any unclear matters will be further noticed.

Attachment1:UIM Aquabike Ranking Points

Attachment2:Prize Bonus



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